Essay on The Aging Population Of The Baby Boomers

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Every week, thousands of newspapers are printed, packaged, and mailed to dozens of households only to be thrown in the trash or used as kindling in a fire. Those individuals who read them often skip over a large majority of the information only to read parts interesting to them. My product, OneNews, is the only newspaper that business men and women, along with some non- business people, will ever need, aimed specifically at the aging population of the baby boomers. OneNews has been specially designed to be an efficient way to get only the most relevant information and opinions in a quick and fast moving environment based on improving the lives of readers.

OneNews transforms regular newspapers into individually specialized papers that include only the sections that the business world needs. Ordinarily, baby boomers prefer to look at a hard copy of an article due to their old school nature. Nevertheless, OneNews comes in both electronic and paper copies. The paper is split into 4 sections; health, style, world business news, and local news surrounding the business world. While signing up for their subscription, users input their career niches along with other interests to make the paper tailored to them adding to the appeal and distinguishing it from other news sources. It focuses on providing news people care about in an organized fashion that is quickly read and understood. Only OneNews highlights the top stories and topics that the aging population needs.

The first…

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