The Aging Population Of Aging Seniors Essay

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With the up rise of many long term illness ascending in today’s world, it seems no one is exceptional from the obvious, especially the aging population. The increase populations of aging seniors around the world display unpredictable challenges, which includes rising diseases, increase expenditure on health within long and short term care (Bloom, Canning, & Lubet, 2015). No matter of the country or cultural difference one may come from, the wishful thinking for longer life span is their parents, grandparents, and their loved ones, which is inevitable. Different countries in the world have their perspective on ways of caring for the elderly or seniors, whether it is through health care policies, practices, mandates, or cultural beliefs and practices. It is undeniable that seniors are important; therefore, they should be taken care of. Research indicated that “14% of Canada’s population was 65 or older” and the number is expected to rise up to 25% in 2036 (CMA, 2013). With these facts in mind, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA, 2013) has leveled three focal points that presume the government investments should include: 1. “Programs and supports to promote healthy aging” 2. A comprehensive continuum of health services to provide optimal care and support to older Canadians” 3.” An environment and society that is “age friendly” (CMA, 2013). Even though this may work for the average Canadians; it may differ in other parts of the world. Therefore, this paper will focus on…

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