The Aging Population : An Increase Pressure On A Healthcare System

1625 Words Jun 18th, 2016 null Page
As our population continues to age, there will be wide implications for our healthcare system. The aging population places an increased pressure on a healthcare system that is already overburdened by a lack of healthcare providers in many areas. The Baby Boomer generation that is currently reaching the 65+ age category is historically less healthy and costlier in terms of healthcare costs than previous generations with many more comorbid conditions (King, Matheson, Chirina, Shankar, & Broman-Fulks, 2013). Obesity, hypertension, and general disability are occurring in the Boomer generation in much greater percentages than previous generation. While this could be explained by longer life expectancies and better diagnostic abilities, there are some unhealthy behaviors such as sedentary life style and lack of exercise that have contributed. Patients with comorbid and chronic conditions currently contribute to approximately 86% of healthcare costs (CDC, 2016). Based on this aging population trend, costs will continue at a rate that is not sustainable unless changes are made to our operational strategies.
Physician and nurse shortage projections as the care needs for this population expands is also very concerning. Interestingly, it is not just American that is suffering from a general healthcare worker shortage. Most of the world is currently experiencing severe health care shortages that are not expected to improve in the near future (Kirby & Siplon, 2012). While this…

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