The Age Of Vote Lowered Essay example

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The age to vote lowered

America is not a democracy if youth are denied the right to vote. Democracy is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as "government by the people." If some of the people – youth – are denied the right to vote for government leaders than the American government is not "by the people." The Declaration of Independence says that governments are instituted by the consent of the governed, and that governments can be overthrown when the people don’t consent anymore. Laws that young people are forced to obey are passed every day throughout the nation. Some of these laws only affect youth, such as curfew laws and compulsory school attendance laws. Most of these laws affect the whole population and all American citizens. Yet young people have no say in these laws, no say in the legislators that make these laws, no say in politics, no say in the rules that they must abide by. According to the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, young people born in the United States are American citizens and deserving of "equal protection under the law." Denying the right to vote on account of age denies this equal protection that the Constitution guarantees. Voting is also a universal human right, according to the United Nations. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (Article 21) states that: "Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives" and that "the people shall be the basis of the authority…

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