Essay on The Age Of Twelve And Attended Ballet

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I grew up in a neighborhood in Brooklyn called Canarsie. It was a predominately white community back then and my neighbors were Jewish and Italian. Looking back now, when I was younger, the different color of skin tone of my neighbors and childhood friends compared to my very own never really stood out or seemed like a big deal as it does now. As a child, I was more preoccupied with collecting my barbie dolls, coloring within the lines of my princess coloring books, and of course nap time. Although, in the back of my mind, I had always wondered why I was extremely different than most of my friends. One situation that evoked this question was when I was about the age of eleven and attended ballet classes with my two Italian friends Maria and Nicole. Maria lived on the same street as me and Nicole lived two blocks away from us. We were all each other best friends and would always have play dates together at each other 's houses every single weekend. We had an upcoming dance recital and were instructed by our dance coach at the end of practice to get nude stocking and have our hair in a bun. After the coach’s instructions, Maria and Nicole began talking about their hair salon stylist and not wanting to be left out, I said ” Maybe I can join you guys for your appointments, I just have to ask my mom”. Maria then responded “Oh, I don 't think she will be able to do your hair. It 's different”. Nicole didn 't respond and just looked away not taking part of the conversation at all.…

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