The Age Of Messaging Apps And Ai ( Artificial Intelligence ) Essay example

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Chat Bots

In the age of messaging apps and AI (artificial intelligence), manufacturers and retailers are finding the new ways to push eCommerce through messaging apps. Just like you have a conversation with a store associate “here’s is what I want, where can I find it”, now a days you can have the same conversation online using your favorite messaging platform. Instead of having a conversation with a live agent via retailer/manufacturer specific chat window, you can have a conversation with a software bot using a generic messaging applications like Facebook messenger, WeChat etc. These software bots are called as Chat Bots which interprets your natural language based chat/conversation into intents and execute necessary actions without human intervention. The actions could be booking an Airline ticket, making a dinner reservation at your favorite restaurant or browsing through a catalogue and completing an eCommerce transaction.

Rise of messaging platforms
According to Business Insider Intelligence report, in 2015, the number of monthly active users (3 billion+) for top 4 messaging applications surpassed the number of monthly active users (2.5 billion+) for top 4 social networking applications. Juniper research firm estimated that more than 94 trillion trillion messages (email, IM, SMS, MMS and social media) were sent in 2015. The firm also projects that IM will exceed emails for first time this year. Mobile messaging apps usage is soaring year to year. According to…

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