The Age Of Empire By Eric Hobsbawm Essay

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The Age of Empire is a very well-known historical analysis of the “Age of Empire”, written by Eric Hobsbawm , the time period from 1875 - 1914, right before World War II.1This historical analysis talks about the happenings of empire, colonialism, and imperialism, why they came forward, and how they impacted society in the late 19th and early 20th century. There is no simple one or two reasons why the age of empire was so prevalent, there are lots written in this article itself, however the three most important reasons why the age of empire happened is the global economy, the need for westernization, and also global dominance over countries neighbours.
Before we talk about the reasons for empire it’s important to talk about who were the “empire” and what did it imply. The major countries that had an emperor during the period of 1875 to 1914 were Germany, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Britain, China, Japan, Persia, and occasionally Ethiopia and Morocco were allowed that title of importance. 2 This period of time was very different for empires than any other. It did not just focus on being the empire to your own state, it focused on most of the world being partitioned into territories under the political watch of powerful states, such as those stated above. 3 Most of the partitioned territories were in Africa and the Pacific, and actually no independent states were left at all in the Pacific. 4 Basically the major European, Asian, and American powers had decided to expand their…

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