The Age Of Child Labor Laws Essay

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Known as the “Roaring Twenties,” the “Jazz Age,” and the “Golden Age,” the 1920s were the beginning of prosperity and productive times in America. After WWI, which ended in 1919, the USA became the wealthiest country in the world. This was because the USA was the main provider of weapons, food, and other life necessities for the Allies. As of result, America’s financial status grew. With the money that was accumulated, new inventions were introduced. These inventions developed a new way of life, along with new popular activities. Many fads came about, which includes toys, hobbies, entertainment, and a new way of life. In the 1920s, the life of children changed greatly. Although many children were employed in the early 20s, child labor laws were put into effect in 1922. This caused children to begin going to school. Since school only took up a portion of a child’s day, children began to pursue more activities. Both girls and boys participated in sports, but the population of boys in sports was superior to the number of girls. The most popular sport for boys was baseball, while the most popular sport of girls was softball. Both genders swam in the warm weather and went ice skating in the cold. Other than sports, children enjoyed playing with toys. The most popular toys for girls were dolls, which were manufactured by the companies Effanbee & Schoenhut. Similar to our current generation, girls in the 1920s primarily played dollhouse. As for boys, playing with marbles, toy…

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