The African School System Of Africa, India, And The Middle East

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Body Paragraph:
Topic Sentence:
The reason why your thesis is true or the area or perspective of the research question being investigated- In every postcolonial country there are people being born who have never seen oppressive rule, and have always been independent. (1D) The question, is how do you teach these people as children about colonialism. Has it been easier before or after postcolonialism? This perspective will be examined in the contexts of South Africa, India, and the Middle East.
1st Evidence: (Paraphrase source, summarize source, or quote source) The South African school system has suffered as the hands of apartheid, but Iain Smith of History Today would argue that the country is facing something far worse, (3B) “I found a wholesale rejection of the ideologically-slanted and distorted view of South Africa 's past which they felt they had been subjected to at their Afrikaans-medium schools. History is not a popular subject in the Afrikaans-medium universities; many students deliberately avoid it, choosing other subjects such as political science.” (Smith, 3)
Explain how the evidence supports your thesis or explain how the findings of your source help to answer/connect to your research question- [This causes the students of the country try to dissociate themselves with the nation, and instead stick with their local communities, “In South Africa, a sense of belonging is often intensely local or regional and so is a sense of history. A pluralism of…

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