The African Philosophy And Cosmology Essay

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To gain a better understanding of the African American family, one must study the African philosophy and cosmology. By learning about the philosophies origins and its five themes, the black family will be able to harmonize itself and begin to see what is wrong with research done by people like E. Franklin Frazier and Daniel Moynihan. Once this is accomplished the black family can free itself from western conceptual incarceration.
There are five central themes in African philosophy and cosmology that are outlined by T’Shaka. These themes are harmonious twin-ness, unicity, Maat, Nommo or the word, and transformation and change from the lower self to higher through spiral motion (T’Shaka 90). The first theme is harmonious twin-ness. According to T’Shaka, day and night, life and death are examples of “twins” that exist in harmony (110). It is harmonious twin-ness that leads to the next idea of unicity. Unicity means oneness, and it is through unicity that people develop a sense of oneness with one another and nature (T’Shaka 112). Unicity is expressed through Maat, which is represented by harmony, truth, balance, and justice, and is the law that governs the cosmos and earth (T’Shaka 114). To demonstrate Maat, words and speech must be used, which is the theme of Nommo (T’Shaka 123). The final theme in African philosophy and cosmology, is transformation and change. According to T’Shaka, the transformative path that a person follows is not a linear path (91). Instead, people…

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