Discrimination In The Weird Watsons

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Do the Weird Watsons have to be affected by racism and prejudice? Do the children have to be exposed to racial segregation? Would you want to be treated badly due to your color, or prefer to live as anyone else? The historical-fictional book “The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963” by Christopher Curtis has humor racial discrimination and challenges that the Weird Watsons must face. Back then, there were many changes in the United States during 1963 throughout the course of 1995. Blacks were not allowed to work or have industries, especially in the Southern states. Many Southern states had laws that did not allow Blacks to vote or go to public places. The novel follows the Watsons, a black family of five people lives in Flint, Michigan and …show more content…
Being African American is an important part of who the Watsons are. No part of the story would be the same if they were a different race. Christopher introduces segregation by talking about how the whites were greedy toward some of African-American children on their way to school. He also talks about the changes were being made to how society treated African Americans. Christopher states, “We'd seen the pictures of a bunch of really mad white people with twisted-up faces screaming and giving dirty finger signs to some little Negro kids who were trying to go to school. I'd seen the pictures but I didn't really know how these white people could hate some kids so much” (9). This quote tells us that people tend to think of children as innocent, however, it is clear that people with racist beliefs don’t think any African American is virtuous. Segregation was awful for the Watsons children who never experienced it in the Northern states. It was a new thing for them to see many of whites being awkward toward them. The writer of this book wants everybody to understand how an African American family would live during such an awkward

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