Essay on The Affordable Care Act Of Theu.s Stills

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The United States spends nearly seventeen percent of its gross domestic income on health care, which surpasses 1.79 trillion, which is relatively 6,167 per person (Anne Austin, 8), accumulating to more than any other nation in the world, yet it lacks behind in providing exceptional health care coverage. In addition to that, the expenditure on health care will steadily rise to a staggering 40% by 2020 mainly due to the “baby-boomer” that are in need of care (The Impacts Of The Affordable Care Act, 2). Being the most innovative nation in the world, especially with all its technological and medical progress, the U.S stills lacks behind in pushing reform to have a universal health coverage, in-which Canada, and the United Kingdom have put forth and maintained for their citizens. According to the New York Times, there are about 48 million Americans that are uninsured. With this said, a majority of analyst all agree that with the level of spending, there must be more than enough to provide all American with high quality, comprehensive health care. As one of the most powerful, and prosperous nation in the world, it comes into mind as to why are there such a staggering number of people whom are insured, and is there anything being done to reduce that number? When you ask the public around you, much would reply a delusional answer that the United States has the world’s number one and leading healthcare system (due to their poor judgment). Yet according to WHO (World Health…

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