The Advent Of Peach People The New Minority Within The Majority

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The Advent of Peach People—The New Minority within the Majority

In an article by author Damon Young, titled “I Will Never Underestimate White Peoples Need to Preserve Whiteness Again,” Young discusses the inability of whites to “votes against their self-interest”—the preservation of “White Power.”

Damon Young’s feature piece does what all journalistic mediums seems to do and generalizes a people as Donald Trump supporting Republicans. The feature neglects to mention reality: 37% of whites, voted against the NRA, KKK, rural-supported Republican Nominee—now President Elect.

This boched election--from the Democratic perspective-- exposed major fractures within the United States. These faults are evident by the post-electoral protests in Pennsylvania to California, Oregon, and Washington State. In a November 9th, 2016 edition of The New York Times, author Thomas Fuller conveys the feelings of one protesters. “We can’t just sit back and let a racist and sexist become press… He makes us look bad to the rest of the world.” - Adam Braver, a 22 year-old political science student at the University of California, berkley. “This is the beginning of the movement.” he added.

The comments made are indicative of the advent of a new ‘racial/cultural identity’ or perhaps attitude—if we adhere to the colour blind approach, where white and black are seen as attitudes rather than racial descriptors. Regardless of the approach, this election revealed a new form of…

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