What Are The Two Function Of Ideologies

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Evaluation. The second function of ideologies is to supply standards for evaluating social conditions. There is a difference, after all, between explaining why certain things are happening and deciding whether those things are good or bad.
Orientation. An ideology supplies its adherent with an orientation and a sense of identity of who he or she is, the group (race, nation, sex, and so on) to which he or she belongs, and how he or she is related to the rest of the world.
Political Programmatic Function. An ideology, finally, tells its followers what to do and how to do it. It performs a programmatic or prescriptive function by setting out a general program of social and political action (Converse, 1964).
The election survey was conducted to
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When it comes to Catholics they are liberal when it is coming to minimum wage and taxes but with social issues like abortion rights and the case of divorce they are strict or conservative about that. Religious groups mostly support conservatives for public office and they tend to vote the Republican party that associate with abortion rights, school prayer, divorce than foreign policy (ushistory.org, 2016).
The religion played out still in the survey and focus group a girl said she would vote for Trump because of religious freedom and evangelical Christians also voted for Trump because he’s views were more to what they wanted because religious beliefs usually sway the way people vote. When applying the variables 1 was for Catholics, 1 was for Protestants, 1 was for Muslim 1 was for others and 0 was
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For the variables Blacks = 1, Whites=1, Hispanics=1, Asian= 1, Non= 0.
I realized this as I calculated the data that more Blacks and Hispanics are democrats or independent while the Whites are mostly republicans.

American military personnel favored Donald Trump for president over Hillary Clinton by more than a 2-to-1 margin in an exclusive survey conducted by Military Times, but a strong majority of respondents say they are wholly unimpressed with both candidates but they preferred Donald Trump to Hilary Clinton (Flores, 2016).
Despite several controversial statements regarding war veteran Sen. John McCain and Trump 's criticism of the Khan family, he worked hard to secure the support of veterans and U.S. military members.
The online survey also showed that students in the military voted Donald Trump more. The data used Armed Services = 1 and Non Armed Services = 0. THE DATA AND RESULTS USED FOR THE SURVEY AND THE

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