The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Team Sports

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A positive childhood is one in which children grow up participating in activities that teach them to cooperate, develop skills, and learn rules of behavior. Some parents who decide not to allow their children to participate in athletic activity have a variety of reasons for their decision. These decisions are a reflection of beliefs, ideas, and circumstances that a family may experience. Several stances that particularly stand out are that they would be risking their child’s physical health by allowing them to play sports, they would be jeopardizing their academics, or maybe the family schedule is too hectic to allow for a sports extracurricular activity. No matter what the reason, research comparing the advantages and disadvantages of athletic …show more content…
Team sports teach crucial life lessons that the children will utilize throughout their entire youth and adult lives. These are lessons such as leadership, cooperation with others around the same age and older, responsibility and trust. These affect the way people socialize with others and how we interact with those who are part of the surrounding society. Developing social skills is an important developmental stepping stone because it provides the child with the opportunity to effectively relate and communicate with others allowing them to be successful in perusing their goals. Team sports have such a positive impact on the mental health of children that it not only effects their everyday lives but it will help shape the way they act in their future through the implementation of the vital lessons that they acquire by participating in these team sports in their actions. The International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity says, “Parents reported benefits for their children in personal and social development from sport participation … Social benefits included positive relationships with coaches, making new friends, and developing teamwork and social skills” (.). Playing in team sports allows the children to have a positive outlook. It is extremely important to develop positive mental health early in a child’s life. Team sports assist in the development and enhance positive mental health by teaching key lessons and having such a large impact and impact in the kid’s lives. Mental health amongst children who play sports is seemingly healthy due to the positivity that is a result of games and

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