The Adoption Process For The State Of Alabama Essay

1227 Words Nov 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Homosexuality is becoming more normalized in today’s society each day. Most people have finally come to accept homosexuality and are okay with it, but one concept that majority of people refuse to acknowledge as okay is same-sex adoption. People are scared of change and believe that the United States is the best country in the world, because of our freedom. However, it is hard to be considered “free” when you are a gay couple who gets discriminated against when adopting a child. Foster care, within the past 2 years, is growing rapidly with more children entering because of neglect, abandonment, abuse, and more. With several adoption agencies still discriminating against gay/lesbian parents, it only makes it harder for these children to be adopted. This only creates more barriers for these kids to be adopted, hence hurting the children more than the parents. The adoption process for the state of Alabama is anything but easy. There are six requirements, such as having a background check, the 19 year old age limit, must be married at least three years if so, etc. Then, there is a strenuous process of submitting your application, waiting to see if it is approved, the interview process, pre-placement visits, legal action meetings, etc. Just from viewing these steps to adopt a child, one can agree that adoption is not an easy process, and only parents that are dedicated to raising and loving a child would participate in this process. The argument that same-sex couples are…

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