The Addiction Of Terry And Leon Essay

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In season 11, episode 13, of “Intervention,” the addictions of Terry and Leon are discussed. Terry and Leon both suffered from severe, but very different, addictions. The show took the time to discuss all the factors of each of their addictions in order to thoroughly show the causes and effects of addiction. The first addict in the episode was Terry, a woman suffering from alcoholism. At the time of the episode, Terry had been an alcoholic for 6 years, drinking a gallon of vodka a day. Binge Drinking often leads to heart disease, breast cancer, and cirrhosis of the liver. Over time, binge drinking could lead to hospitalization, permanent liver damage, and permanent frontal lobe damage. Excessive drinking also has an effect on attention span, impulse control, and decision making. In Terry’s case, she was constantly drunk, leading to an inability to remember the year or even the current president. Terry’s reason for beginning her addiction began with her mother constantly pushing her to have a perfect outer image. Her mother believed that outer appearance is what made a person what they are. Because of her mother’s obsession with outer beauty, Terry suffered from weight issues early in life. She experienced shame from her mother when she gained weight, so she lost a large amount of weight and became a model. When her modeling agency expected her to lose even more weight, and her mother pushed the idea by getting her on diet pills, Terry quit modeling and began binge eating,…

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