The Achievement Of The National Honor Society Essay

1177 Words Mar 7th, 2016 5 Pages
To get the chance to be accepted into such a genuine group as the National Honor Society is very much a privilege and a goal of mine. This exceptional organization would provide me with limitless opportunities to help out in my community, my school, and many nonprofit organizations. I want to grow as a student, helper, and person, in general, and I feel that being accepted into such a society will encourage me to do so. Over the years, I have demonstrated the many qualities that are needed in the areas of scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Therefore, since I show these traits, I will be a great contributor to the National Honor Society.
As a candidate for the National Honor Society, my scholarship skills are well accomplished and feature my greatest attributes. A scholarship quality not only features the learning at a high level, but it also shows one’s academic studies and achievements. I have excelled in my classes, giving me many class choices to choose from each year, in which I usually strive for the hardest classes that I will be able to learn the most in. I am eager to learn, and I enjoy being in courses that are challenging for me. Honors classes are always on my schedule because I thrive for the classes that are more difficult than those that are much less strenuous. Due to my hard work, I have been on the high honor roll every term throughout all of my years in middle and high school, and I plan to continue this streak. I am always anxious to perform…

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