The Accuracy Of Vote Counts Essays

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Ever since Hilary Clinton defeated Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic Primaries, there has been much speculation concerning the accuracy of vote counts. Quite clearly some startling mistakes have occurred. However, Clinton’s victory was decisive enough to conclude that the minimal voting error is not statistically significant. Understanding the field of statistics is necessary to make judgements about the polls. Statistics is all about valid collection and interpretation of data. In order to conduct a credible study, one important rule-of-thumb is that the pollster must select individuals randomly and use a large sample size. If the subjects are not random, then he or she will not get a full representation of the entire population. Additionally, using a large sample size will dilute outliers and help lead the sample close to the normal distribution (bell curve). The other important rule is that in a study, one must eliminate bias. This can be challenging because there are many different types of bias. The four main ones are: undercoverage, nonresponse bias, voluntary response bias, and response bias. Undercoverage is when all members of the population are not equally represented in the data. For example, if someone conducts a survey collecting data on peoples’ stances on minimum wage, he or she must sample from all social classes and ethnic groups. If the sampler only collect data from the rich, per se, the survey results are likely to…

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