The Accidental Billionaires Movie Analysis

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The Film Review
The Social Network is a film based on “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich. It is a drama which was produced by Michael Du Luca and Cean Chaffin. The film was distributed by Columbia Pictures
In 2003, Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) is a 19-year-old Harvard University Student. After being dumped by his girlfriend, his irritation leads him to create a campus site called “Facemash”. After this site crashes the university computer network he is placed on academic probation. This ordeal becomes known to Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (played by Armie Hammer) and Divya Narendra (played by Max Minghella), who want to work with Zuckerberg on “Harvard Connection”. This is an exclusively Harvard Students social network
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The film is fast paced due to how quickly Marks success develops. However, in the closing scenes, we see Mark refreshing his page to see whether his ex-girlfriend accepted his friend request. Nowadays we do not need to do that. The development of messaging is evident in the film. The Winklevoss twins receive their emails through the cellular phones (0:32:00) and we even see Bill Gates visit Harvard University. This shows how efficient the times were becoming. The film takes place in Harvard, the UK, New York as well as California. California is where most of the confrontation takes …show more content…
Upon selling the idea of Facebook to Eduardo, Mark starts planning the structure of the Company. In the incorporation papers, 65% of the company is owned by Mark and he is the Founder, 30% is owned by Eduardo and he is the CFO (chief financial officer) and 5% is owned by Dustin (Marks roommate) he oversees the company Public Relations. They would then all form the top-level management of Facebook.
0:46:51 Eduardo has a very tactful and calculative leadership style. He is a thinker and planner and always does something for the greater good of the company. Because he sees that Facebook has over 400 members, he wants to invite advertisers to the company so that they can start generating a revenue. He uses his charisma and connections to try and schedule these meetings. This makes Eduardo have a charismatic and democratic leadership style.
Throughout the film Mark shows evidence of being a laissez-faire leader who is autocratic in his decision making. Because he is the brains behind Facebook Mark believes everything must go his way. From deciding to not have advertisers to deciding on how the ownership of the company should be divided up. He leaves no room for Eduardo to argue the initial 70:30 ownership split. This type of leadership intimidates others in the work place and does not allow their

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