The Accident Should Have Been A Mistake Essay

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Mitch looked at Foz and then back at Hotswap.
‘Not possible, no way,’ said Mitch.
‘Yes way. There’s been a mistake.’
‘No, no mistake. I got there straight away, in fact, Hots, I was there when the poor bastard was still alive, ...I saw him die, this is your man.’
‘No, Meeds, I know this is the one who had the little accident, what I’m saying is, the accident should have been someone else’s.’
‘Yeah, it seems the forms went over to the–’
‘Hots, ...I don’t want to know.’
‘Of course, of course, very wise Meeds, very wise. Anyway, well, let’s just say there was a fuck up. Red faces all round, but well what can you do? C 'est la vie.’
‘C 'est la vie? That’s all you got to say?’
‘I don’t follow?’
‘Look, I can’t say I’ve warmed to the fella,’ said Mitch, looking down at Foz, ‘but, ...but Jesus, Hots.’
‘What?’ said the angel.
‘I give up, I give up…’
Foz was now bellowing out the chorus again, giving it all he had.
‘…alright so where’s the real one?’
‘What did you say?’
‘I said, where’s the, …I said, …oh hang on a second.’
‘You can stop now,’ said Mitch, turning to Foz, ‘hey, I said you can stop.’
‘STOP,’ bellowed Mitch, stepping in and pulling Foz’s fingers from his ears.
Foz opened his eyes and stared in confusion at Hotswap.
‘Who... what...’
‘Hello down there,’ said Hotswap, beaming, ‘don’t get up.’
Foz looked up to the sky and then back at Hotswap.
‘Was that,’
‘It sure was, cowboy.’
‘I saw wings, you had–’
‘Foz,’ said Mitch, ‘don’t ask questions, don’t think about…

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