Gothika Movie Analysis

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In the movie Gothika it shows a professional psychologist having a session with one of her patients named Chloe. During the session Chloe responds to all of Miranda’s questions with straightforward answers and she doesn’t deny anything about killing her stepfather. Chloe try’s to distract Miranda by talking about other things and it makes Miranda angry that Chloe is distracting her from trying to diagnose Chloe’s illness. Chloe talks so casually with Miranda that you wouldn’t think she would be a patient in the Asylum. When Chloe starts talking about the devil with Miranda the flights start to go out and it scares Miranda. The devil that Chloe is describing is symbolic of her stepfather that had raped her and of the sheriff
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PTSD can be characterized by the patient reliving the traumatic events that happened to them, avoidance to certain stimuli that remind them of the event, numbing of emotions that have to do with the events, etc. Because rape is something that a human does not normally experience in life it is an abnormal traumatic experience for women. PTSD is a emotional condition so everyone reacts differently to it and certain people are able to make a full recovery faster or better then others. PTSD affects many people all over the world who have been subjected to traumatic events such as war, rape, accidents, domestic violence, natural disasters, child abuse, and torture. PTSD can occur anytime after the traumatic even occurred to the victim, which could be days or years. Symptoms of PTSD could appear when subjected to more traumatic events or high stress situations in life. When victims of rape are told that what happened to them wasn’t that bad or that it could have been worse it could cause secondary wounding in the survivors. It can make the women feel worse then they already do and can cause distrust in people. Since the women have intense survival instincts and a mistrust of the world around them they can react in a way during extreme situations due to a trigger reaction that can cause them to do things that they will regret …show more content…
Age can play a big part in the severity of women getting PTSD from being raped. If the woman was raped as a child she could feel weak, helpless, unclean, numb, shame, inability to love, etc. If a woman is raped when she is very young she could grow up to resent and feel inferior to the world. She could become scared and socially awkward around men because she is uncomfortable. Dating can be non existent for women that have suffered from rape because some women might be to scared or want nothing to do with men anymore. Other women could be so emotionally hurt that they might be unable to have a conversation with a man or be touched by a mad without having a negative reaction from it. If a woman does succeed in having a normal relationship with a man the traumatic events could still put a strain on the relationship from all the symptoms the woman might have. People that suffer from PTSD have hyper arousal symptoms, which are a specific group of symptoms that are produced from experiencing high levels of anxiety. All the women who survived being raped are survivors and so they look at the world differently then other people because they are always on alert. They are constantly looking for danger even when no threat is around and they are quick to react. It is like a defense mechanism for them that help them survive in the world. They

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