The Abortion Controversy Essay

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“The Abortion Controversy” Many outsiders see the United States as a place of peace and harmony. But for those who live within it, know that it is the complete opposite. The United States has numerous amounts of worldwide problems from the economy to obesity to even pollution. Although some are more important than others doesn’t mean the small issues should go unnoticed. Abortion, the termination of pregnancy is considered a problem by many but also reflected as nonfactor to others opinion. In my opinion, I believe abortion is a growing problem and the people of the United States fail to apprehend it. The actual termination of the pregnancy could leave the mother suffering from a serious illness or even be fatal. …show more content…
Among these woman, seventy-nine percent of them are unmarried and never been married. Of these women, sixty-four percent of them are white females. The critical point in time when abortions become serious is the ages fifteen to twenty-five. Abortions often take place due to innumerable reasons. Incest, rape, unwanted, or chances of illness or disease are all examples of a reason one might receive this procedure. These actions are offered at numerous places including hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Although some may feel more comfortable getting an operation done in a hospital, a surprisingly eighty percent are performed in clinics rather than in these hospitals or doctor’s offices. When did murdering a human being come without consequence? When aborting a child from the mother’s stomach, you are literally killing the fetus inside. Many may argue that the fetus is not living at the point of conception. Although this may be true, the instant it is conceived, a new and distinctive individual is molded. All of the genetic features of this new human being are already set – whether it’s a girl or boy, the color of the eyes, the color of the hair, the dimples of the cheeks and the cleft of the chin. After a baby has been conceived for three weeks a person can no longer argue that the fetus is not living. At this point in the pregnancy the fetus not only are the brain, the nervous system, and spinal cord foundations layed but it

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