The A Killer Whale Will Benefit The Amusement Park Essay

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Extinction is defined as no longer in existence; that has ended or died out. Orcas are slowly being terminated for our enjoyment and pleasure. These intelligent marine animals have amazed humans for centuries with their beauty. Keeping them captive in tanks twice their size will only lead to danger, especially to the trainers. “When these animals are taken into captivity, they can become very hostile, depressed, and even suicidal,” says Howard Garrett, director of the nonprofit Orca Network. Having a killer whale will benefit the amusement park. Orca is in danger due to human activities, such as keeping them captive for shows.
The largest member of the dolphin family is the Orcas, also known as the killer whales. A difference that orcas have from dolphins is the pectoral fin; it’s larger and more round. Orcas grow to be about seven to ten meters long, which is equivalent to a size of a bus, and weighs more than six tons. Their skin is mostly black with distinctive white patches. Orcas have stocky bodies and a rounded head with a distinctive beak. Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic, and Indian oceans are places where orcas can be found; they live in both coastal and deep oceanic waters. There are three types of pods that an orca can be a part of: resident, transient, or offshore pod.
The three types of pods all differ from each other in some ways. For instance, all of their fins are shaped in a different way, which allows you to tell the difference between the three. Resident pods…

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