The 400 Blows Film Analysis

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The French Film The 400 blows, directed by Francois Truffaut, mainly talks about a boy that lives with a family that does not want him. That lies more than he tells the truth because why tell the truth when no one believes him. The film The 400 Blows is a difficult movie to find the main idea. The movie showed a number of themes, none of which pointed to a cohesive interpretation of the film. Punishment is featured hundred times in the film. Growing up, Antoine parents, teachers and the police punish him numerous times through the film. Growing up, Antoine watches his mom cheat on his father. Listening to how they talk about him like he is not even there. Asking what do we do with the kid for the summer, oh just send him to camp. No one would …show more content…
I’m not trying to cover up what he does and trying to make reasons why it is okay to do what he has been doing. Growing up with a mother that clearly does not want you would be hard on anyone. Antoine wants to be loved by his parents the scenes where he is sitting in his mom’s room, brushing his hair with his mom’s brush. Smelling the perfume, he also plays with her eyelash extender and all he can do is smile. When his mother gets home before even saying hello she just yells at him for forgetting the flour. In the end of the movie when he was in the Juve his mom basically said that we can take you back, but we are not because I can have fancy things. When he was living with his parents he slept in the doorway of a two-bedroom apartment one room was the parents and the only room was filled with the dad stuffed horse. The main idea of 400 blow is punishment. Some of the ways Antoine was punished I would say was uncalled for being punished in so many ways like by being slapped number of times in the face at home and even in the classroom, put in the corner and being laughed at by his class and many more ways. Antoine has a really rough life growing

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