Essay about The 26th Amendment

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26th Amendment
The 26th Amendment was proposed on March 23rd, 1971 and ratified on July 1st of the same year. The 26th Amendment would be the quickest to be ratified in United States history. So many people wanted this law to happen and it did. The saying was “Old enough to fight, then old enough to vote.” This new amendment had people across the nation pondering. This amendment was a remarkable new amendment. Young people could now vote and get involve in there new political leaders. Before this new amendment the law was that you couldn’t vote unless you were at least 21 so until that age, teenagers didn’t care about who was running their country at all until they were of that legal age. The 26th Amendment changed the whole idea of the
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This means that the youth has a huge impact on which our future politicians will be. This could be a pro or a con depending who the youth is voting for. They have the power to sway which direction the percentage will be. Politicians now know that if they want to win they have to stand for something the youth or our new generation stands for.
I am an eighteen year old, so with that being said, giving me the right to vote makes me feel like somebody. I’ve been taught that a citizen’s biggest job in the United States of America is to vote. Well giving me the power to vote makes me feel important and lets me feel like a true citizen should feel like. This gives me the privilege to make a difference.
One more reason that the 26th Amendment is beneficial to our country is that young voters can start early on the feel of voting. They now have experience on the process it takes to vote and will be better prepared in the future. The Youth is the future and the better we are prepared the better this country will run. Let the Youth go out and start the adulthood early so that they can get a head start on the political views and have more of an interest on them.
Voting is our given right, which men have died to keep. Voting shows our peoples might, so our country won't get into deep. But there are those who never vote, and constantly seem

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