Essay on The 1920 ' S

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The 1920’s were a good time to be alive--there were handy inventions, plenty of smooth jazz, and flowering economics. During this short decade, the lifestyles of Canadians improved drastically due to the extraordinary new technology, including Band-Aids, accurate clocks, and insulin. Their social lives improved with the new fashions, a newly organised sports industry, and an up-and-coming jazz era. It wasn’t just their personal lives that improved; with the increase in consumerism, industrial growth, and Canada’s international trades the economy also saw drastic improvement. All of these aspects combined to make a wonderful time.
This decade saw a boom in technology, providing us with many modern day essentials, including the Band-Aid, quartz clocks, and insulin. Without these simple seeming things we would not be able to live the lives that we do today. In 1920 Eral Dickson created the first ready-made bandage, and started to sell them under the name of ‘Band-aid’. These bandages were a home-made invention--Dickson simply put cotton balls at regular intervals on medical tape, then covered the sticky side with a type of plastic wrap, so that it would not become dry. Band-aids are a simple medical essential that nowadays we take for granted, almost every household has a small stash in a draw somewhere, but before they were invented there was no easy way for a person to cover up any small injuries on themselves. With the busy lives led in this decade came the need for…

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