Essay On Sports In The 1920s

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The 1920s was a very trying time for the United States. It was just getting out of a war and the morale of the people was not particularly high. That is where sports come in. They were a morale booster and something to get people’s mind off of rebuilding after the war, a much needed thing for the people of the United States. Sports played a huge role in the happiness and entertainment of the people in the 1920s and contributed to the rebuilding of the United States. Although there were many sports in the 1920s baseball, and football played the most significant roles. Baseball is referred to as America’s pastime. As many people know George Herman Ruth or “Babe” is baseballs biggest hero (Hook 14). Many people know Babe Ruth for hitting home runs but ironically he started his career as a pitcher. Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs in his illustrious career. Ruth was looked at by many as the the greatest sports figure in America at the time of his …show more content…
The sports also helped lay a solid foundation for a huge industry that they would become for the United States economy. Because sports were so popular during the 1920s it made people get outside and meet other people. It also made people get into better shape because of them wanting to be just like the athletes that they looked up to. Baseball and football made only positive impacts during the 1920s and the Golden Age. You can understand why it is called the Golden Age of sports because of the people that were so popular like mythical heroes and it had nothing negative going on during this time. Sports changed life for people in the United States during the 1920s. They also changed the economy for the better. The Golden Age helped shape how great America would be for rest of time. Players set the bar for how the fame for great athletes in the United States would get paid and

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