Essay on Thailand 's Criminal Justice System

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A “good time” could be taken into account base on the behavior of the convicted. The good time rule was first implemented in New York in 1817 and became quickly adopted by most jurisdictions (Siegal & Worrall, 2015, pg.234). The rule of good times gives the inmates a chance to calculate their release date from the time they step foot inside the prison cell by subtracting their expected good time from the day of their sentencing. Good times can however be revoked if the inmates break any prison rules such as disobeying a correctional officers or get into fights with other inmates (Siegal & Worrall, 2015, pg. 234).
Thailand’s Criminal Justice systems dates back to ancient time, during the Sukhothai era (AD 1238-1350), during these period kings had the power to adjudicated the disputes between his people (retrieved from, 2014). Sometimes during the Ayutthaya era (AD 1350-1767) the first known criminal justice system was developed up until the 19th century. Laws from the Ayutthaya era was then revised & rewritten in 1805 in what is known as “The law of three seals” (retrieved from, 2014). Thailand’s modern system wasn’t introduce until Prince Rabi of Ratchubari, it wasn’t until the revolution that change Thailand’s criminal justice system from a absolute monarch to a constitutional one in 1932. Thailand’s court system consists of the Court of first instance, Supreme Court and court of appeal (Triamanuruck, Phongpala, Chaiyasuta, 2004,…

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