Texas Public Funding For Texas Universities Through A 10 % Tax Increase Program

927 Words Nov 12th, 2016 4 Pages
The bill I’m proposing would involve using Texas public funding to support Texas universities through a 10% tax increase program each year called The College Help Tax. College tuition, today is up to $7,000 a semester and continues to raise every year. There would be no restrictions so every Texas citizen would be able to receive a college degree without the massive price tag.

With any bill that goes into the Texas legislative system, we have a positive side and a negative side. When reviewing the positive aspects of The College Help Tax, we first have to observe the State of Texas budget. The State of Texas in 2003 made the decision to cut $173 million dollars from the budget. For the time being the State of Texas only covers 12% towards higher education budget.The College Help Tax would start going into effect in January 2018 and the tax would increase yearly. During the first year, we would start by lowering college tuition with a 10% decrease. After the first year, we would see tuition lowered to $6,300, a $700 reduction. Continuing in 2019 with a 20% tax, this would keep lowering tuition from $6,300 to $5,040, a $1,260 decline. By the third year, in 2020 with a 30% tax, this would help to lower tuition to $3,528 dollars a semester a $3,472 decrease. Finally by, 2021 with a 40% decrease this would lower Texas tuition to $2,116.80 a $4,883.20 decrease. The College Help Tax would lower college tuition after a 40% tax increase from $ 7,000 a semester to $2,116.80 a…

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