Tetralogy Of Fallot Case Study

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The congenital heart defect Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) while uncommon is treatable and will allow patients to live semi-normal lives. The most important part is early diagnosis so that treatment can be done in an orderly manner. While this is a disease that someone is born with it evolves into a chronic health threat requires constant observation and treatment. It is best managed most effectively by a group of Pediatric Cardiologists. Most children are treated by a team of Pediatric Cardiologists, affiliated with a Children Hospital. Children are propelled to the Pediatric Cardiologist when they are around 18 years old. These children must be maintained by these specialists as adults. These CHD are managed and treated very differentially than …show more content…
Some have more rhythm problems than others; some will have more valve issues than others. The most significant long term consequence is heart failure. The goal of surgical repair and treatment is to preserve the cardiac muscle and meet the oxygen demands of the body. The most significant consequence of TOF is heart rhythm problem’s and damage to the cardiac muscle. In 2% of all repaired TOF patient’s sudden cardiac death has been reported (Doyle, Kavanaugh-Mchugh, & Graham, 2011). These surgeries are vastly important for the patient so that they can maintain a good quality of life. The pacemakers battery life is dependent on how often the pacemaker is used on average they last six to seven years ("Pacemaker," 2012). The PV once replaced will also have to be replaced at some point depending on the type of valve they use to replace the original, they last 10-15 years ("Valve," 2015). Long term these patients are prepared with the knowledge that they will need multiple pacemakers and valves though their lifetime. Not only are these operations painful and have multiple complications that could arise but they are also expensive. Always having health insurances is part of the long term consequences, as insurance is needed to keep these patients on the fight tract to treat …show more content…
The signs and symptoms are only the start to the battle they will face. While the treatment is the most important aspect of TOF, everything relies on treating the problems before they become fatal. Although there will always been long term consequences for this disease and no way to fully get rid of it, these children grow into adults who know what the consequences are and how to avoid the most serious of them. Finally, as someone with this condition I can tell you that while this is not something I would ever wish on someone I for one am glad to be one of the few with it. TOF has shaped my life and the lives of my family in a way it never would have before, I am grateful for the person I am now for I wouldn’t be the same without

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