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Chapter 1 Managing change

Q1 Figure 1.76 shows how bad an implementation can become. Action needs to be taken to prevent this kind of situation. What would you recommend should be done?

This model is about how badly wrong the development and implementation can become, but it applies equally to the imposition of change. The secret lies in preventing this situation from arising by • Making sure that everyone understands the reasons for the change • Has the opportunity to play a part in influencing the shape of the new situation or system • And doesn’t have to deal with so much change that there are no anchor points for those involved.

Q2 You are the project manager for a new management accounting system that
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Q3 Consider the organisation that employs you or where you study. What is its culture? Why does it have that particular culture? What organisational culture would give you most satisfaction as an employee? Where might you find such an employer? Given your preferred organisational culture, what would it mean for you as an employee in terms of your responsibilities and obligations?

Two models for analysing culture have been described in this chapter. Identify your organisation’s culture using these models. Work with others if you can. The culture may be the result of deliberate choice or may have arisen by accident. The key question is whether or not it moves the organisation forwards in an efficient way towards the achievement of its goals.

To identify a culture that suits you, first work out what you want from your work and from your employer. Do you like freedom to get on with things, the opportunity to be creative, and do you have an urge to make changes all of the time. You do? Then an Apollo culture may not suit you. The is no inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ culture just different ones, so choosing one that suits you is a personal choice that doesn’t come with value judgements attached.

Q4 4 You have to design a ‘hearts and minds’ programme connected with the implementation of a new system for the recording and management of stock in

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