Critical Chain Method Essay

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Critical chain method was developed by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, and is a “is a schedule network analysis technique that takes account of task dependencies, limited resource availability & buffers.” (B, 2008) The first step, when using this technique is to identify the activities within the project path that take the longest amount of time to complete, these are called critical chains and take into consideration resources. Those resources used in critical chains are critical resources. The project schedule can be reduced using effective buffer management allowing for the reduction of activity duration estimates. The focus of the Critical Chain scheduling method is eliminating project schedule delays due to overestimation of the duration of …show more content…
An aggressive duration schedule that eliminates task due dates reduces the “Parkinsons law” effect.
2. “Effective prioritization of resource attention” (Patrick, 1999) allow for early task finishes and delays.
3. Buffer management provides focus on schedule management and allows for recovery planning long before the project is doomed.
These gained advantages must be protected by applying some management changes:
1. Safety should not be spread throughout the tasks but concentrated in strategic places that protect important project pieces from unforeseen events.
2. Reduce or eliminate behaviors that waste time. Pinning a task to a calendar encourages due-date focus.
3. Resources should not be multi-tasked, tasks at hand should remain the focus. Protection of resources from competing requirements is the task of the management.
4. Schedule tracking and the consumption of buffers must be tracked. Recovery planning and action cannot be undertaken if it is not realized that time has been lost.
5. The PM must understand and account for resource conflict. The dependency on resources by different areas of a project or multiple projects must be realized in order to

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