Terry Chou: How Life Was Back In The Person's Generation

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I examined someone that was above 20 years older than I was for answers regarding to what life was back in the person’s generation. The main purpose is to discover any similarities or differences to the person’s culture, attitude and behaviour as he or she grew up compared to the current generation now.
The person I examined was my uncle named Terry Chou. I knew Terry back when I was around my teens when my dad introduced me to him during the summer. Terry was visiting Vancouver to meet up with some of his relatives and close friends. All I knew about how my father met Terry was from migrating over to Canada.
Terry’s appearance is quite shocking. He has a medium build body with tons of scars around his arms as I could remember. I am sure he
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I believe that many of the older generations struggled through life by earning money through hard labour. Many did anything to earn a few dollars and that was what Terry did. This striving for money does have some similarity to what the new generation shows. We are all trying to make a living but money is always an issue. Many students coming out of universities owe thousands of dollars. Terry had a risky life because of his gang relations. The new generation feels like people take little ricks and that life was too precious to throw it away. Schooling was not of an issue for Terry because of how adaptive he was earning money through means of his past gang. It seems like living in that past was quite outgoing in means of choosing what path to earn a living. On the other hand, I feel like I am bound to a fixed society where we have to go to school and get multiple degrees to survive in life. Terry told me that he felt motivated during his time in China but now he is struggling through financial issues living in Toronto. Financial issues were the cause of Terry and Yun’s divorce. Terry is quite overwhelmed how difficult it was living now than before. The worldwide economy has improved throughout each generation but the cost of living increased dramatically. Terry does not have any practical skills to earn a well pay. He works as a receiver/exporter of fish. Even if China had an outgoing culture, where anyone can choose what he or she wants to do, living in Canada requires some educational skill. I assume that the older generation felt freer to earn their living but the new generation has to go through a majority of time schooling. Adaptation to the newer generation is a key on how older cultures can change. Terry believed that his life in China was normal but living in Toronto was different from what he imagined. He said it was

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