Terrorism And The United States Essay

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Terrorism and the United States
As many Americans have most likely noticed, terrorism has been a big topic of debate in American news. Terrorism is a term not so easily defined by the world. The United States, in particular has run into many issues in doing so due to the prominence of ISIS. ISIS, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is an extremist jihadist group that practices a fundamentalist way of Islam. These fundamentalist views are filled with ideas very different from other Muslims and include extreme acts of violence. Recently we, the United States, have had a lot of discussion about how we should deal with ISIS and other terrorist groups. This “war on terrorism” is a war that some believe will never be won. The most important part of it all is how and whether we should deal with the issue of ISIS.
When the U.S. has attempted to define terrorism, they have been found for a lack of words. Reporter from Slate Magazine, Michael Kinsley says, “The definition of terrorism is a problem for law enforcement and civil liberties. If we’re going to compromise our liberties over it without turning our country into a police state, we want the definition to be as narrow as possible and still do the job,” (Kinsley 1). He states that in many aspects, we cannot define terrorism because each way we try to we run into a different problem, whether it be with other countries or within our own. Kinsley says that it is pretty much impossible to win a war on terrorism…

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