Terrorism And Its Prevention During The 9 / 11 Attack On The World Trade

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Terrorism In The United States
The skies were clear and vibrant blue, while two towers stood tall in Lower Manhattan,
New York City. Within a matter of hours, these large towers, the twin towers, collapsed and the skies that were once blue were stained with ashes. Terrorism in the US has been an unresolved problems and continues today and in many other countries. Many solutions are needed in order to prevent tragedies like 9/11 from happening to the country again. Over the past years there has been many debates about terrorism and its prevention since the 9/11 attack on the world trade center. Many Americans on a daily basis work and attend to their priorities. There should be no reason that Americans should feel insecure and afraid in their own homeland because security should be increased through military spending and other solutions.
The issue of terrorism affects all Americans, directly or indirectly. “Terrorist acts or the threat of such have been existence for over a millenia” (history 1). This problem has been ongoing since before America had existed and they have been committing “ extremely violent acts for alleged political and religious reasons” (history 1). The people who are affected by these terrorist acts are the innocent people who may be involved and the government who will be under pressure and must act to calm the masses. This will also affect the safety of America.
People will no longer see America as safe if we continue to have terrorist attacks and would…

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