Terrorism And Its Effects On Innocent People Essay

784 Words Aug 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Terrorism is one of the main problems that the world is facing these days. The definition of terrorism is a very ambiguous term, could be defined as any dangerous act that has a bad effect on innocent people. To define terrorism is a very knotty question because now we see many definitions of this term, murdering, violence, intimidation, torture, and many other definitions. Nowadays where the terrorism became a global international problem, the whole world now is suffering of this phenomenon. In 2015 80% was the increased of deaths because of terrorism, which was at the highest rate ever and the global economic coast reached at 52.9$ US Billion recorded by Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP). I totally refuse and against terrorism with all of its meanings and reasons. Terrorist use the Islam as a reason or justification of there actions, its totally wasting money and wasting people money which can be used in many other ways, and it is a reason for killing innocent people. First, terrorism use the name of the Islamic religion to hide and justification their actions. Islamic terrorism is not related to the Islam, they use the name of the religion to justify their action. ISIS wants to do an Islamic state in Islamic countries! So the religion they believe in is far away from Islam. This terrorism has no religion, and no country, I came out from uneducated people and teaching Islam in a wrong way that people can use it in terrorism, as the president Vladimir Putin says,…

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