Essay on Tent City, Usa Is A Documentary Filmed

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Tent City, USA is a documentary filmed in 2012, about the homeless community in Nashville, Tennessee. In this documentary it showcases an anecdote about the residents that lived in Tent City, located under a bridge owned by the Tennessee Department of Transportation. For 20 years, it has been a placed called home, in which it provided a community like setting that many enjoyed. Residents of Tent City had to follow the strict rules, which prohibited drugs. This place also provided a safe resident for women, since it had security around the clock. Before the flood in May of 2010, up to 90 residents called this place home. Tennessee has declared the area now uninhabited because the earth absorbed the hazardous flood water. This was very devastating to this community of homeless in Nashville. According to the film, Nashville is 30% higher than the national average. Many people of Nashville want all the homeless to go away, but forcing them to leave is not the solution.
The homeless community in Nashville needs more affordable housing opportunity and a permanent location for a community, like Tent City. This place provides a sense of community and family, in which many homeless people are lacking in their lives. According to Real World an Introduction to Sociology, socialization is very important, it is how we learn the behaviors of what it takes to be human. It also provides a way for the homeless to socialize on their own terms. Many homeless become fearful of others because…

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