Television 's Impact On The Future Of Big Loss Essays

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Industry change. The major production in both of TCL and Flat-panel TV and TVs could support DVD and digital television screen are shared more and more market share. Clearly, the industry is facing a profound change to the high-technology. Also, networks become the next generation. The distinction between fixed and mobile networks is becoming increasingly blurred. As wireless networks adopt advanced, high-capacity technologies, they are adding video services to voice and internet offerings. This is changing the competitive environment not only for wireless network operators, but also for content providers seeking to benefit from a new outlet for their programming.
Thomson’s brand in Europe and its RCA brand in America are rather tired. Before this merger, Thomson’s TV and DVD operations lost more than 100 million US dollars in 2003. TCL did not do enough investigation. In 2003, TV has a good sale in China, however, in Europe and North America, the industry has been changed, which will forecast the future of big loss. And this is also another reason that Thomson accepted this deal to move some nonoperation assets.
Over all, TCL didn’t prepare well before this merger. It didn’t know the market in France, didn’t know if its production will fit for the foreign market, didn’t know the business environment, even the appraisal report showed too much risk during the merger, however, just want to achieve the extending plan, TCL continued acquire companies all over the…

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