Television 's Impact On America 's Families Essay

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Television’s Impact on America’s Families
Violent Television Shows Have Encouraged People to Be More Violent Walk into any home that has children across the country, and one will see thousands of children watching television shows for mature audiences. During the early evening of July 2, 2000, a young boy named Scott began watching television without his parents monitoring him. He would come home every day after school and begin watching television, even if he had more important things to do, like homework. His parents had full time jobs that required them to work long hours during the day and get home late at night. In response, they were unaware that he was watching violent television shows. They did not realize that television was effecting their son in a terrible way. As a result, Scott was beginning to get in trouble at school on a daily basis for gad language and started getting into drugs and alcohol issues. His parents began to send him to counseling for issues (drugs and alcohol) and bad behavior at school. As Scott was going to these counseling meetings, his parents realized they were working and his overall attitude began increasing rapidly. Scott began maturing, and he no longer let things he saw on television affect his decision making and character. Would it be beneficial for parents to limit the amount of time their children spend watching television? How is the content of television programs affecting America’s families? According to the article,…

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