Television Show Law And Order Essay

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Have you ever seen the television show Law and Order ? This show focuses on the defense attorney and the prosecutor arguing to try to win the case. While courtroom drama can be entertaining for people being accused of a crime it 's much more serious. They often have to spend their days working full time including long hours just to prepare a case. Although becoming lawyers is a rigorous process to go to school for several years it’s paid off. Lawyers provide a service vital to keep order across the nation. Lawyers work in different fields such as private and corporal some are from a firm some work alone. Lawyers have many different titles and obligations it just depends where they work. Before becoming a lawyer you should have some basic skills. You should be able to analyze legal issues , know how communicate to persuade others , have good social skills , know how to solve complex problems and have research and planning skills . You also need some knowledge of laws and good writing skills.
Lawyers have to advise their clients of their legal rights and obligations in any kind of situation. Lawyers are considered to be advocates and advisers for their clients . They act as advocates by representing their clients by showing evidence and arguing their cases. Lawyers represent individuals and business. There are several things they have to do before arguing the case in court such as conducting research and investigatigation legal problems , preparing legal documents…

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