Essay Television Is A Source For Information

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Television has revolutionized since its existence. Though it was crafted after the radio, it emerged by the 1950’s, becoming an iconic source of entertainment in American homes. The variety of genres presented such as news, situation comedy, and sports appealed to massive audiences. The incorporation of kinescope, color, and VCR’s all changed the ways in which television was consumed and made viewing more convenient. Since its existence to the present day, television has served various purposes. Viewers tune to stay informed on current events or for enjoyment as they watch late night talk shows. Television provides entertainment, is a source for information, or can be used for companionship. The focus of this paper is to analyze the distinctions between television in the past and how it has evolved in the 21st century. Comparing the experiences of Victor, 51, and Daisy, 17, provides an understanding of how television has transformed to serve people differently. The two different generations reveal the ways in which television was influential, created unity amongst family, and was used as an educational tool.
It was 1976, Victor was eleven years old when he and his family welcomed their first television set into their home. The small black and white tube television set was the source of entertainment that would unite the family for years to come. Money was scarce, especially since there was only one working adult in the family of ten. Income derived from farm work such as…

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