Essay Television Coverage : Scott O ' Brien

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Television Coverage: Scott O’Brien
It is estimated that there are 109.6 million televisions that a child spends an average 4 hours a day watching television (Huston &Wright, University of Kansas). This accounts for children spending more time watching television than any other activities (including sleep). The children in this study were 7 to 17 years of age, which is an impressionable age. Since they are spending so much time watching television, one may infer that they are learning about sex and sexual thoughts from television. In fact, sources ( report 62% of television and movies promote that children have sex when they are young and 77% of parents say there is too much television promoting sex before marriage. Children in this age group which represents a very important stage in development are watching television for 4 hours a day. As they observe repeated sexual encounters and acts on television, this can lead to desensitization, a lack of empathy, and increased stereotypes regarding sex. For example, television commonly stereotypes victims as attractive, young, and married. The attackers are shown as older men who are powerful and work away from the home. ( Earles, K) These stereotypes are far from the truth since sexual assault victims and assailants include people of any sex, age group, sexual orientation, and race. This paper explores television coverage of sexual assault among television shows, news coverage, and comedies. They are many…

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