Television : Article Responses : Watching Tv Makes You Smarter By Steven Johnson

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Anastasia Papanikolaou

Mr. Engel

AP English 11- 2

March 29, 2015

Pop Culture - Television: article responses

Watching TV Makes You Smarter by Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson calls his theory -- that the “most debased forms of mass diversion” (para. 4) turn out to be good for us, after all the “Sleeper Curve” after a scene in a Woody Allen movie. How does using one form of popular culture examine another form affect Johnson’s argument?

Johnson, by naming “the sleeper curve” after a Woody Allen movie, alludes and appeals to his audience.He uses one form of popular culture to analyze the other, therefore further proving his own argument. It makes Johnson’s argument easier to understand and relate to for those who are entertained by movie watching, a form of popular culture.

2. How do the charts accompanying the essay illustrate Johnson 's points? How important is it to know the television programs to which the charts refer? Can the charts stand on their own?

When Johnson bring up the charts in his essay the help the audience to understand what he is talking about in the plot lines of television shows. The reader does not have to understand the plot lines and character development of each television show mentioned, but it may help in understanding the complexity of each plot line mentioned. The charts can not stand without Johnson narrating to the audience what they stand for because they would look like a telegraph gone wrong, but with Johnson’s…

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