Teleological Argument Analysis

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‘The teleological argument proves that God exists.’ Evaluate this sentence.
The teleological argument or the argument from design, proposed by the philosopher William Paley, is an argument for the existence of God. It is based on the theory of design and Paley uses the analogy of a watch having been designed by a watchmaker and the universe equally having a ‘universe-maker’. Thus, Paley deduces that the skilled designer who could create this complex and intricate universe could only be God. I believe that the teleological argument is a strategic reasoning for the existence of God, however, this reasoning also has many flaws and many of which Paley could not have been aware of in 1800’s, when he proposed the teleological argument. In this essay, I will be justifying my point of view on this statement as well as analysing the other side of the argument and finally coming to a sound conclusion on my opinion in relation to what others may believe.
Paley’s argument is firmly constructed upon the idea of the universe being designed by God. If we look at the universe, numerous aspects of it are strategically designed so that the universe is just right to produce and
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Throughout this essay, I have given numerous arguments for the teleological argument and to counter given many arguments that try to disprove the teleological argument. In addition, I have validated each argument with my opinion on how convincing it is in terms of whether it supports the sentence. To conclude, I believe that the teleological argument does prove the existence of God and is a very approachable theory because it seems to be the explanation that is most likely to be true. Regardless, it is an anachronistic argument that perhaps would have been suitable during the time Paley proposed it, but not specifically anymore because it is too outdated to cohere with the scientific theories of the

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