Essay about Teens With Alcohol And Substance Addictions

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Teen Addiction
Teens with alcohol and substance addictions can demonstrate behaviors that may lead to long term lifestyle of substance abuse. Adolescence the developmental period for young people physically and emotionally. This is a time where they may encounter a number of trials, including hope in gaining a greater sense of identity and independence. Experimentation with substances is typical for many young people, fortunately one of the many challenges most adolescents face is whether or not to experiment with drugs. A small portion of adolescents do develop problems with substances that substantially affect their development and future adult lives. However, everyone does not go on to develop substance abuse problems later in life.
Substance use and SUDs instances in young adulthood are at the highest point. The cognitive abilities of teens develops through their childhood and adolescence; the effects of SUDs on cognition among young adults is not well known. There have been very few studies on SUDs and cognition on any population.
Teenagers that begin at an early age are more likely to increase their consumption as they mature. When an under aged youth drinks heavily it impairs their brain development and they are more likely to become deviant, violent and prone to criminal behavior (Cheng, T and Lo, C. 2010). The transition time from teen ager into adulthood can be full of temptation and experimentation. They want independence and believe themselves mature.…

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