Teens From Drinking And Driving Essay

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If you are not wanting to drink, just say no and walk away. It 's that easy. If it doesn 't work, say it again and make sure you let the person know, that you mean no. If teens are at your home, you are responsible for their safety and well-being. Be at the door when they leave. Tell them you will wait up and be at the door when they return. Ensure that they are safe to drive. If you have just an ounce of doubt, take their keys and you be the driver. Now go talk to your teen. And then talk again and again and again. And don’t forget, teens get their views about alcohol from watching. Be the example you want your teen to follow ("7 Ways to Stop Teens from Drinking and Driving"). Parent should alway rather their children to be under their roof and your supervision, if they are drinking. Or maybe if you 're close with their friend 's parents, maybe you 'll be comfortable letting them drink under their roof and supervision.

Although there is a lot being done, there can be more. As I was doing research, this is what I found. Reporters thought that this was should best way people could stop drinking and driving. Set a hard limit to how much you will consumed ("How to Avoid Drinking and Driving"). For some people, this might be a few beers or shots. If you 're doing a combination of drinks or cocktails, use an amount that you know is safe for you personally to drink (if you 're not sure of your limits, take it slow and start off with 1 or 2 drinks). The number of drinks…

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