Teenagers And Depression Essay

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Teens and Depression Today
What is the third leading cause of death among teens ranging from 10-18? Suicide. What causes teens to commit suicide? Depression. You as a parent play one of the biggest roles in your child’s life and we will get to that later but depression is growing more and more common by the day and we are still learning to treat it. It’s a growing problem in our society that has been around for hundreds of years and yet nobody knows what to do about it but give pills and therapy because the cause of depression is basically endless. Our technological society brings forth more needs and wants for people that it makes us want all this stuff we can’t afford so we are depressed about it. The problem is is that people don’t know
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People that believe this believe that teens are just sad about something petty like a breakup or maybe a bad grade. That is terribly false though because pills and therapy only suppress depression and the problems that come with it and sometimes the pills don’t even work and the teen is stuck with the side effects of worse depression or other problems with it. Yes breakups can be a conflicting factor but in reality that’s what mattered to the teen. You don’t know their life no matter who you are. They could be abused or bullied, getting bad grades or dealing with breakups, their parents could be getting a divorce or she might be going to an adoption center. You don’t know and they are scared for people to know. The people that don’t see depression as a huge deal obviously don’t know enough about it to say something like that. Their problems may be petty to you but it’s a great deal to …show more content…
Teens that have depression go through all, if not most of these problems in their daily lives without help. With help it’s less but still common. “Symptoms of depression include: poor performance in school, withdrawal from friends and family, sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, apathy, lack of enthusiasm, fatigue, anger, rage, rebellious behavior, poor self esteem, inappropriate guilt, lack of concentration, forgetfulness, changes in eating habits, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts or actions.” (“Suicide; Is your Teen Depressed?”). “External pressures such as: abuse, bullies, parent divorce, breakups, parent conflicts, pregnancy or the death of a loved one are all big contributors to suicidal thoughts.” (Anonymous “Teen Suicide: When the blues get out of control”). Schools can look into this behavior for teen depression that include: “Disruptive behavior, talk of hurting one’s self or others, defiance, sadness, crying, lack of pleasure, unexplained physical complaints, chronic boredom, poor concentration, poor grades, self-blame, excessive sleeping, or suicide ideation.” (Cash, E. Ralph “When depression brings teens

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