Causes Of Teen Suicide

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Teen Suicide

To live means not only to exist biologically, but also to cope with difficult times such as making decisions, communicating with people, and especially undergoing excessive psychological pressure. One moment or another everything all comes tumbling down and one can only handle so much before they crack causing the individual to see no other solution except suicide. Teen suicide is the second leading cause of death among all teens following behind motor vehicle accidents. There are many causes that lead into suicide. A huge factor that plays in the suicide solution is time. Yes, time; seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, or even years. Everybody feels alone here and there but the feeling goes away except for some. For some people
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School should be a place where you can go and feel safe, not stressed because of all the homework and making sure your good enough. Now days’ kids are so judgmental, you can have your hair cut the wrong way and be judged, made fun of, and bullied over simple things. Kids every day are committing suicide because they are going to school and being bullied and schools aren’t taking it as serious as they should be. A lot of schools have a “No bullying tolerance” policy but when something in that situation actually happens schools don’t take it seriously causing kids to feel alone and like nobody cares, therefore they turn to suicide because they can’t handle it any longer. Bullying can be verbal such as hurtful words, name calling, and even body gestures. Bullying is actually more verbal more than it is physical but when it is physical it includes hitting, pushing, kicking, and/or tripping. Other students will stand by when someone is being bullied but won’t step it or won’t tell anybody it is happening, most of the time the one being bullied won’t tell an adult due to being afraid of what the bully will do. Feeling lost and alone and seeing no way out turning to suicide. Stress of school is another factor, trying to keep up in class and make good grades. Missing one day can set you back and once you get behind it’s hard to get caught up. Everybody else is learning a new lesson while you’re still trying to learn …show more content…
Divorce is a very difficult thing to handle on top of everything else you have to deal with on a daily basis. Teens can sense when people are unhappy together and send off negative vibes from one another. When it comes to divorce teens and even kids automatically assume it’s their fault when it’s not, this is not a fairy tale and things don’t always work out in everyone’s favor. Going from one home to another or not knowing where you’re going to be one day or the next is very very stressful and emotional. Not spending holidays as one big happy family but instead having two of everything. Nobody wants to wake up with one parent and spend just a few shorts hours with them before rushing off to the other parent’s house and repeating with every holiday every year. Divorce gives off this feeling as if one parent is just leaving and abandoning them and their other half like if they did something wrong and it’s all their fault. Not being able to fix the situation and talking to somebody isn’t enough and the feeling as if talking to somebody won’t fix the problem or how the individual feels and for this reason the individual feels as if their parents would be better off without them causing them to commit

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