Teenage Development Essay

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Teenage period is a critical stage in human development. It is defined as the transitional phase of lifespan between childhood to mature adulthood in which very dramatic changes take place both physically and psychologically. Although the fact that every aspect of teenage development involves genetics is undeniable, various environments that teenagers encounter in day-to-day life have an impact on their overall behaviors and attitudes. This essay will focus on family as well as society as primary influential factors of the development of teenagers.
To begin with, the family environment in which the individual grow,begin to acquire beliefs, values, attitudes and social accepted behaviours, especially the parenting style has powerful
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First of all, authoritative parenting help children have good behavioral and psychosocial development (Fuligni & Eccles 1993). Authoritative parents are firm, but warm, loving, supportive and considerate (Baumrind, 1966). Authoritative parents help children to develop self-control as well as self-reliance by setting boundaries and enforcing limits while granting their children appropriate amount of autonomy(Buri et al.1988). These parents teach teenagers that they must have responsibility for the consequences of their behavior and allow them to solve their own problems and make choices that are appropriate. Thus, the adolescents are less engaged in risky behavior and social evils, display higher level of behavioral self-regulation, have higher self-esteem. Another important aspect of authoritative families is that they incorporate the of both children and parents during family discussions (eds.Benson & Haith 2009). Authoritative parents encourage verbal give and take,explain the decisions, rules or expectations they have to the children,share with teenagers the reasoning behind their policy. Parent-child interactions tend to be more intense,and through their shared activities,children can learn how to make healthy decisions,how to express and control their emotions and improve their self-assertiveness.In additional, parental involvement and support offered a general protection against anxiety,depression and other forms of internalised distress (Steinberg 2001). By working together, mothers and fathers can help teenagers enhance their understanding of social relationship distress. Second, several studies have indicated that parental authoritativeness is associated with higher academic achievement (Nyarko 2011). Baumrind (1991) found that teenagers of parents who were characterized as authoritative were the most

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